Mead Lake, This by B.J. Best

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Mead Lake, This by B.J. Best

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Mead Lake, This 

by B.J. Best

What can we say about this beaut? We’ll start with this: Buy it. No seriously. Before we launch into hyperbole, it would do you well to simply give in to your instincts and comply with that little voice in the back of your mind. The one that goes, Another book from Centennial Press!? Why, I shall purchase this at once and urge all I know to do the same! Honey, bring me thy billfold! (Oh and btw, you don’t even need your billfold anymore … have you noticed? We’ve got PayPal.) 

Centennial Press is convinced Mr. Best is not merely one of the most important new voices of his generation, he is one of its most necessary.Mead Lake, This reads like cartography for the heart. These poems are at once an astronomical guide by which you find your way through love’s twilit waterways … and the ship upon which you sail. From first syllable to last, Best turns northwestern Wisconsin’s Mead Lake into a metaphorical mythology of love, loss, and the subtlest grace … charting weather with language as his gilded barometry. 

All hyperbole aside, gentle reader, if you own one book from Centennial Press, let this be the one. 

So cut loose your ropes and hoist your sail … let the trade winds carry you toward the equator of your heart. 

And forget not your beach towel … you’ll want to bask in the warmth upon your arrival.

That’s right … you’ll bask.

5.5"x 8.5", 44 pages